A stupid uninformed news article – “Dust off the thong: Pride beefs up party to a month”

Regarding your article in the Toronto Sun.

“Dust off the thong: Pride beefs up party to a month”

Dear Mr. Strobel:
I am the first to admit as a stand-up comic that I do not agree with censorship. People should be able to say or write what they want. The consequences of what they say are their crosses to bear.
But what is the matter with you? To even think of saying something like

“On Canada Day, 5,000 transexuals will march downtown. Yes, Canada Day. Nothing, you may be thinking, says Canada like a dude in a dress.”
Is not only ignorant but it sends trans people back from any steps we have taken forward in Canada.
When will people like yourself understand that being trans is not about what we are wearing?
I have done a couple of interviews with you in the past, and stopped bothering after the second one, regarding trans events.
You constantly reverted to the genintals, bathrooms and men dressing up.

Are you trying to be funny? I even specialize in sarcasm, and believe me it does not even border on that. Take it from a professional, you are not funny! You are just coming off most of the time as an idiot.

Mandy Goodhandy Blog talk radio show- Silicone injections gone bad – part 2

October 2013 I had a procedure done with illegal silicone injections, in my hip area.  As a result the silicone traveled into my lungs, and I ended up in the ICU at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto, Canada.  We decided to do my weekly call-in blog show anyway.  Even though I was on oxygen and had to continually put the oxygen mask up to my mouth, a couple of sentences at a time, we did the show anyway.  the nurses in the hospital where aware this was happening, and I made it clear to them that this message had to get out there.  Any procedures can be risky even with legitimate medical professionals, but Trans women out there need to know the risks regarding these underground procedures.  And other than some youtube vids they are not being talked about.

Silicone injections part one