Surprised Caitlyn that D Trump broke a promise?

Why did this decision by Donald J. Trump regarding trans people in US bathrooms surprise you Caitlyn Jenner?  Your vote for the Republican party was your vote for this decision.  When will people stop thinking of bathrooms as bedrooms?  How did this become such a big deal, we just wish to pee like everybody else #PissedInCanada

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How dare you Caitlyn Jenner make statements that you are “helping” with trans awareness regarding political views (masked by hate and intolerance by most the Republicans ). How dare you call yourself an “activist” for trans issues. It is an insult to all the hard working trans women and men who have sacrificed everything to fight for our rights thus far. Even considering “dancing with devil” will just be viewed as a circus act, by the number of Conservatives who hate us. Please stick to your social media fame status, and continue to at least bring awareness that we exist. That much I am thankful for. Please do not even pretend your plight for money and fame, is for the greater good of trans people. At least be honest about that and you may receive a little more respect from those who at least tolerate what you are doing. Just my opinion.



A discussion with fellow comics Sai Sufi and Daniel Bordman.  It is interesting to speak with “Cis hetrosexual men” about Trans issues, PC culture, the professionally outraged, the non-LGBT activists of LGBT rights, the threat to Freedom of Speech from these new government legislation’s on language.  I do not vent much about Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox but it is now time that someone says something.  And again.  I do not speak for any other trans people out there, these are only my personal opinions.

The more we talk about trans situations the more everyone will learn who we are. We can’t always get angry and demand things from people. Activism, in my opinion should be done with a certain amount of patience and understanding, towards those we are trying to reach and educate.  And not all trans “roll models” are helping the cause, in fact some are creating more confusion.  Educating people about trans issues should not be for profit first.  And if it is, should it not at least be a clear and accurate message?

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I am so thrilled to be the first Canadian trans woman to be singing at the Toronto Jazz Festival 2016.  It is not, in theory, that important to be the first trans woman to be doing anything really. It is, however, important that people know that trans people exist. If being the first at something helps get that attention, so be it. Because that leads to media attention, which leads to awareness, which leads to educating and the hope of acceptance. Does anybody out there have a unicycle? I would also like to be the first trans woman to ride across Canada on a unicycle with my hair on fire. Think the media would be interested? I have read and seen more stories about trans women and men this year than any other year leading up to Pride.  Thanks to Mathieu Chantelois and Pride Toronto.


Consider yourself blocked. MyFacebook post from January 30th 2015

Sometimes I can only forgive people when they are out of my life and no longer in my plain site, it’s a healing process for me.  But why are some people so deeply evil (rhetorical please do not post)?

We don’t all have to get along and run through fucking meadows holding hands, and be phony with each other.  There will always be differences of opinion and some personalities just clash, we need to get over that.  But don’t add me as a “friend” on here when you know you are either jealous of me, hate me, or are just sticking your nose into what I am up to.  I am not on Facebook to share my personal life, so you ain’t going to be missing nothing.  All the posts you will see involve my business and/or my career interests.  And of course the occasional “I may hate you” rant, like this one.

I have actually blocked a handful of people, for the first time on Facebook.  Not because they posted on my wall or sent me unwanted messages.  You know?  like the unwanted penis photos, marriage proposals from abroad, cross-dressers (not the nice well meaning ones) wanting me to do their make-up then fuck them up the ass, thinking we must be sisters now because we both wear women’s panties  They are automatically blocked as always.

The saddest thing is they are other Trans women just like myself.  We are all just trying to do our best in a world that still misunderstands who we are, and some of the population are actually doing their best, by educating themselves about us. I may be a Trans woman and you may be a Trans woman, but that does not mean we have to be friends.  We are human beings first and it is okay to not get along.  But please, can’t we just not get along in a different sandbox?  I don’t want your dull sad shovel and pail, making mine look tarnished.  Please go and heal yourself and take time to evaluate why you think the way you do, and what you can do to fulfill your own life.  I may have a hard time forgiving you, but I will still love and respect the fact that you are on your journey.  And please feel free to come to me when you are ready to join together as real allies, we need you and we all need each other.

By the way, if you can read this note, chances are you are not one of those who are blocked 🙂

P.S.  I ended this with a smiley face so that means I am nice person.  Well being nice is still a bit of a hobby, but I am trying.


It is great to see that the Liberal Government are showing some improvement over the last few years, that the PC’s where in power (thanks for nothing).   I do understand that not all Conservatives are anti LGBT, but it does not help when the majority of the Conservatives are, but in denial about the fact of course.

International Day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia certainly means something today.


This from Great Britain (my birth place):

This form our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau :

And this announcement again from the Liberal party of Canada regarding protect transgender Canadians against discrimination and violence