Just one little bit of new year’s advice to all. For those who insist on coming up with a new year’s “resolution”. It actually should be called a new year’s (non-religious) revelation” (in my opinion). Because some of those people who put pressure on themselves to change anything about themselves and try to stick to it for a whole year, usually have a (non-religious) revelation that they should not put themselves through that. For example, I resolve to be as blunt and sarcastic as I always am. Since I had a (non-religious) revelation years ago that I do not need other people’s approval or acceptance (but I do like lots of hugs). That having been said. If you decide to attempt a resolution, please do not make it “quitting drinking or “cutting back on delicious foods”. The staff and the entertainers at 120 Diner and Club 120 need your money and your support but most importantly we need your wonderful company 🙂

Young T-Girl Stripper

Trans woman Mandy Goodhandy and business partner Todd Klinck talk with Marc aka Valentina. About her journey into the world of T-Girl stripping, private dancing and hosting Sex Parties.

Marc/Valentina, a free-spirited person, recently finished school and did not want a full time job. He/she decided to experiment in the world of dressing-up, providing private dances and meeting straight men who appreciate the T-Girl world.

He/she has learned and experienced so much so far, and will share his/her experiences on this show. Also joined by another brand new boy (J/Ivanna), who is looking to experience the world of Stripping as a girl.

Radio show episode here