Graphic Novel

In 1997, I put together an adult website offering photos of myself. Later on, I included other local Toronto t-girls/shemales. In time I added more content, that I felt people would find interesting, and a bit educational towards trans women.

This included the start of a t-girl comic character “Little Annie Tranny”. I wrote the story line for the comic and the illustrations where done by Canadian playwright John Herbert (Fortune in Men’s Eyes) as Carol Desmond. Annie is a bit of a crime fighter and activist who educates people regarding not just trans women, but all types of folk who live on the fringe.

This is volume number one of the “Annie Tranny” comic series. Annie is never blatant or obvious about her gender, and believes she never needs to be, unless her genitalia is coming into play at some point. So like any crime fighter type, she keeps that as her secret weapon – info to be shared only if, and when needed.

She works as a legal assistant to a lawyer named Mr. Spooner, who ends up having a secret of his own.

She also comes to the aid of a misguided t-girl sex-worker (Marlina Dootricks), who gets herself into trouble with a male admirer in a bar, for not sharing her secret.

Annie teams up with Marlina to teach this young man a lesson. And they leave him naked and hog-tied in a motel room, with the door wide open.

Later on they get into a little more trouble, which also ends in a lesson for a gang of neo-Nazi skinhead types, with the help of Mr. Spooner and his driver.

This comic is a bit graphic and almost x-rated in nature, but the story is meant to be fun and educational. I hope you will find it entertaining.

Thank you,
Mandy Goodhandy