Who read their pre-written by someone else’s speech, directly off a teleprompter best? It does not matter, because is was all Hillary’s fault.

We in Canada would like to say “God bless America”

To my fellow Canadians.  Please do not fool yourself and think that whatever goes on down in the southern regions, and one northern region does not affect us up here in the “true north strong a free”. Because it certainly does, as we are witnessing repeatedly.  I will not bother people with my humble opinion about the Presidential race.  But a note to all you “keeping up with the Kardashians” fans (besides wondering why you are watching whatever that is?).  Some of you have lost touch with what “real” beauty and “real” life is.  May I suggest looking up from your devices every now and then?  Real beauty comes from within and real life is right here.  No, I said here.  Look up!  Yes it’s right here.  It does not matter that you feel Melania Trump will make a much prettier first lady than Bill Clinton.  The important thing is that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is much prettier than both of them.  There! Someone finally said it!  Vote wisely my American friends 🙂


So excited about our show coming up at The Toronto Jazz Festival Friday July 1st at 120 Diner presented by Comedy Kapow our popular Friday night weekly comedy show.  And to be the first Canadian trans woman to be part of the festival is such an honour.

We did a  2 song run through at 120 Diner’s  weekly GNO Jazz Jam  last night.  Pictured are myself, Reuven Grajner (piano & vocals) & Patrick John Skrzypek (bass)


Good chat on NEWSTALK 1010 with host John Moore 8:45am today
will George Takei & Mr. Pride Toronto himself Mathieu Chantelois
I got to do a blurb about my upcoming show Mandy Goodhandy’s Cabaret at 120 Diner part of the Toronto Jazz Festival and an affiliate event of Pride Toronto. An added bonus talking to George  Takei and his husband Brad (Altman) Takei for a few minutes before the show. They are both so charming and act just like a married couple of 30 years, adorable and entertaining 🙂
listen here:


Scotland the brave lol. Being born and raised in Scotland, I get the humour in these call-out comments (read them with the Scottish brogue, much funnier). We do not let idiot comments slide. (trigger warning) This post is not for the sensitive or humourless though.

A slum? Sorry Donald Trump that this guy’s house does not have servants, a swimming pool and 8 bathrooms. But that does not make his home a slum. Sour grapes because he can’t get what he wants perhaps?

I have kept my mouth shut about Donald J. Trump this whole time. Not since Caitlyn Jenner have I seen a celebrity just asking to be part of a comedy routine. But dear Mr. Trump, even in the end Caitlyn had the class to admit to some of her unfortunate verbal blunders. Did not apologize for them however, but at least acknowledged there can be differences in beliefs and opinions. And then she agreed to disagree at least on camera, I can some what respect that. The only kudos I can give Mr. Trump is how brilliantly he used social media. The most noticed remarks on social media are either really stupid, really negative or really brilliant. This also led to an incredible amount of free media, and unfortunately even negative media is media. sensationalism sells big time and always has. Whether you star in a sex tape, give head in the Oval office or post a selfie with three breasts, it may go viral. He has conducted his Presidential campaign as a reality show and may have succeeded. Hold on to your Kanyedashians and God bless America, if he gets elected.