An interesting debate

Just my observation regarding a recent hmm what should I call it? I know, lets say spectacle. About 70% of persons over 60 years old can have what is known as “dry eye syndrome” (not that I know from personal opinion. I am what is called a distant 40 at best. Shut up!). A person living with this can also find that it worsens in bright light (lets say the sun or perhaps stage lighting), causing rapid blinking. But in the case of bright stage lighting, constant sniffing, thirst, arrogance, ignorance or narcissistic tendencies never have been known to occur.



As the owner of a restaurant 120 Diner in Toronto Ontario, we will no longer purchase and provide any products produced by the company Nestle.  The link below pretty much covers why this action will be taken by our establishment.  A major corporation does not and can not own the world’s water.  We must as the “David” in this scenario do what we can to tell all the “Goliath’s” in the world, that we will not be bullied by major corporations.  We may only make a small dent here, but if enough of us take a stand the dent could become significant.

For those who are at all concerned about the future of our planet’s water, here are the products you may want to consider boycotting.  This includes all those with babies, pets and those getting ready to purchase Halloween treats.

Here is an article about what Nestle is planning:


120 Diner 2nd year anniversary

My business partner Todd Klinck and myself are so excited to have reached our second year at 120 Diner.  We have been given a great opportunity to add live comedy and music shows.  In doing so we have had a chance to work woth and meet some of the best Canadian artists in the business.  I was honoured to host and sing a few songs, sharing the stage with these amazing performers:

Ross MacIntyre (Bass), Mark Micklethwaite (drums), Mark Kieswetter (piano), Ori Dagan (singer and our music booker), Pam Hyatt (all round entertainer), Lisa Particelli (singer, flutist and host of our GNO Wednesday night open-stage for musicians & singers), June Garber (singer) , Marla Lukofsky (singer & comedian), Howard Willett (singer) & Sam Broverman (singer).  Thank you B. Beard photography.



Who read their pre-written by someone else’s speech, directly off a teleprompter best? It does not matter, because is was all Hillary’s fault.

We in Canada would like to say “God bless America”

To my fellow Canadians.  Please do not fool yourself and think that whatever goes on down in the southern regions, and one northern region does not affect us up here in the “true north strong a free”. Because it certainly does, as we are witnessing repeatedly.  I will not bother people with my humble opinion about the Presidential race.  But a note to all you “keeping up with the Kardashians” fans (besides wondering why you are watching whatever that is?).  Some of you have lost touch with what “real” beauty and “real” life is.  May I suggest looking up from your devices every now and then?  Real beauty comes from within and real life is right here.  No, I said here.  Look up!  Yes it’s right here.  It does not matter that you feel Melania Trump will make a much prettier first lady than Bill Clinton.  The important thing is that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is much prettier than both of them.  There! Someone finally said it!  Vote wisely my American friends 🙂