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Appearance at the Jazz Bistro in Toronto


Radio chat on CHHA 1610AM w/Joyce Aldrich August 28th, 2017 song and chat




My version of “Cabaret” with accompanists Ross MacIntyre (bass) and Stu Harrison (piano).  I was honoured to be asked to be part of this fundraising event for GNO jazz jam’s student music scholarship, at the famous Jazz Bistro in Toronto. GNO jazz jam with host Lisa Particelli is held every Wednesday night at the 120 Diner in Toronto.

Watch and listen here


This month is Pride month and this Friday June 23rd 2017 will be an important Trans March in Toronto.  I stands up for transgender (trans) rights especially regarding all forms and documents. The Canadian Census 2001 & 2016 in particular. Bill C-16 has received Royal Assent and is, or will soon become, law. This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. But we still have work to do regarding educating people about who we are and why we are. I usually prefer to deliver my message through mainstream comedy and music performance. Thank you too Nathan Hiltz (guitar), Carlos Fiffe (film/edit), Mitchel Raphael (photography), Todd Klinck (production) & 120 Diner (location)
And thank you all so much in advance for sharing and caring 🙂

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Decriminalize Sex Work now – article

A lot of my newer “FB friends” may not know about the reason I do not hide the fact that I was and sometimes still am (if I don’t have to get sweaty or muss up my hair) a sex worker. I use it sometimes in my stand up to educate not so much shock. Of course sometimes it gets both reactions. But the message always is how it can be legitimate work, and the sex worker is always in charge under the right circumstances. Unfortunately that is not always the case for others. Both myself and my dear friend and business partner are and always have been advocates for the decriminalization of sex work. And no matter the reasons that you may disagree, let me give you two important ones that perhaps you should: We can save lives by protecting sex workers legally, by removing their fear to speak up, and we can help to abolish, to a large degree, individuals being forced into sex work including children.
We have even been accused by ignorant and nasty people of being “pimps”. “noun: a person who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.”
These individuals are also the ones who disagree with sex work for one reason or another. And that is okay as everyone is entitled to their opinions and their right to voice such opinions. But in doing so they are trying to remove the rights of others to do so, including sex workers.
Another thing a lot of you may not know is that Todd Klinck is an accomplished writer and author.
I have included a link below to an article he wrote for Xtra regarding the prickly (for some) subject. This will not just show his talent as a writer but how educational this piece is for those still not sure the importance of sex work being decriminalized. The new laws that were introduced right before Stephen Harper simply criminalized the clients of sex workers – so in my opinion, the solution has still not been solved.

Surprised Caitlyn that D Trump broke a promise?

Why did this decision by Donald J. Trump regarding trans people in US bathrooms surprise you Caitlyn Jenner?  Your vote for the Republican party was your vote for this decision.  When will people stop thinking of bathrooms as bedrooms?  How did this become such a big deal, we just wish to pee like everybody else #PissedInCanada

Read Article and watch video here


How dare you Caitlyn Jenner make statements that you are “helping” with trans awareness regarding political views (masked by hate and intolerance by most the Republicans ). How dare you call yourself an “activist” for trans issues. It is an insult to all the hard working trans women and men who have sacrificed everything to fight for our rights thus far. Even considering “dancing with devil” will just be viewed as a circus act, by the number of Conservatives who hate us. Please stick to your social media fame status, and continue to at least bring awareness that we exist. That much I am thankful for. Please do not even pretend your plight for money and fame, is for the greater good of trans people. At least be honest about that and you may receive a little more respect from those who at least tolerate what you are doing. Just my opinion.



Just one little bit of new year’s advice to all. For those who insist on coming up with a new year’s “resolution”. It actually should be called a new year’s (non-religious) revelation” (in my opinion). Because some of those people who put pressure on themselves to change anything about themselves and try to stick to it for a whole year, usually have a (non-religious) revelation that they should not put themselves through that. For example, I resolve to be as blunt and sarcastic as I always am. Since I had a (non-religious) revelation years ago that I do not need other people’s approval or acceptance (but I do like lots of hugs). That having been said. If you decide to attempt a resolution, please do not make it “quitting drinking or “cutting back on delicious foods”. The staff and the entertainers at 120 Diner and Club 120 need your money and your support but most importantly we need your wonderful company 🙂


A discussion with fellow comics Sai Sufi and Daniel Bordman.  It is interesting to speak with “Cis hetrosexual men” about Trans issues, PC culture, the professionally outraged, the non-LGBT activists of LGBT rights, the threat to Freedom of Speech from these new government legislation’s on language.  I do not vent much about Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox but it is now time that someone says something.  And again.  I do not speak for any other trans people out there, these are only my personal opinions.

The more we talk about trans situations the more everyone will learn who we are. We can’t always get angry and demand things from people. Activism, in my opinion should be done with a certain amount of patience and understanding, towards those we are trying to reach and educate.  And not all trans “roll models” are helping the cause, in fact some are creating more confusion.  Educating people about trans issues should not be for profit first.  And if it is, should it not at least be a clear and accurate message?

Watch discussion here (facebook)

Hope I do not offend anyone with this blog post……

No matter what side you are on regarding this issue, this is a good read and listen. And certainly something to think about. Do not protest for freedom of speech, then tell others what they can or can’t say.  This could get dangerous and put all of our work towards freedom of speech in jeopardy.  Going to a comedy show is your freedom of choice, once your butt is in that seat, you may or may not like the comedy.  Buyer beware that comedians should not have to tip toe around your issues.  I would suggest saving your money, and using it to pay for your next counseling session.  A comic is also not going to design their stand-up comedy routine around your feelings.  If that time comes then we will lose many talented comics who just can’t be bothered anymore.  And that certainly would be no laughing matter.


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