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A discussion with fellow comics Sai Sufi and Daniel Bordman.  It is interesting to speak with “Cis hetrosexual men” about Trans issues, PC culture, the professionally outraged, the non-LGBT activists of LGBT rights, the threat to Freedom of Speech from these new government legislation’s on language.  I do not vent much about Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox but it is now time that someone says something.  And again.  I do not speak for any other trans people out there, these are only my personal opinions.

The more we talk about trans situations the more everyone will learn who we are. We can’t always get angry and demand things from people. Activism, in my opinion should be done with a certain amount of patience and understanding, towards those we are trying to reach and educate.  And not all trans “roll models” are helping the cause, in fact some are creating more confusion.  Educating people about trans issues should not be for profit first.  And if it is, should it not at least be a clear and accurate message?

Watch discussion here (facebook)

Hope I do not offend anyone with this blog post……

No matter what side you are on regarding this issue, this is a good read and listen. And certainly something to think about. Do not protest for freedom of speech, then tell others what they can or can’t say.  This could get dangerous and put all of our work towards freedom of speech in jeopardy.  Going to a comedy show is your freedom of choice, once your butt is in that seat, you may or may not like the comedy.  Buyer beware that comedians should not have to tip toe around your issues.  I would suggest saving your money, and using it to pay for your next counseling session.  A comic is also not going to design their stand-up comedy routine around your feelings.  If that time comes then we will lose many talented comics who just can’t be bothered anymore.  And that certainly would be no laughing matter.