Monthly Archives: January 2015

Thank you Canadian Conservatives for the amends to Bill C-36. This is not confusing at all.

To all my sex work clients:

My rates will be staying the same even though I will be saving money, since I am not legally allowed to advertise my sexual talents as a hooker. But I am legally allowed to be a hooker, even though you will not be allowed to give me money in exchange for my sexual talents. And if you see me, walking the streets advertising my sexual talents please feel free to pull over, unless I am standing near a school or a park. Especially very late at night when the government think that children are sure to be around. I can consult with you legally regarding the weather or current affairs, and certainly how fucked up the Conservative Government is regarding C-36. But I will have to charge you at least $100 to $200 for a consultation fee (depending on how often and how deeply we consult together). But not to worry I am a really fun sport and will give you a free hand job or blow job, in a nice safe dark alley way or vacant parking lot. Hope to see you in the new year, but you will no longer find my number advertised. So you will have to drive around and try to find me. And its much safer for me wandering around trying to make money, for consultations on the streets instead of risking being abused and being discrete and safe in my own home.

More about this Bill here: