Mandy Goodhandy aka Amanda Taylor is a transsexual entertainer, Canada’s first trans woman stand-up comedian.   She currently hosts open-mic stand-up comedy shows at her newly opened 120 Diner.  Soon to be launching her own one woman show at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Thurs March 26th – Sat March 28th 2015).   “Trannie” a musical comedy.  She is also an entrepreneur, and advocate.   She co-owns and operates a Toronto nightclub named Club120, formaly known as Goodhandy’s Nightclub.    In 2014 she took over the downstairs restaurant space at the same location naming it 120 Diner, making the 120 Church St. location into a complex.  Containing talented local and visiting comedians, musicians and fun karaoke nights downstairs, with the Club120 space upstairs holding larger events.  She was Grand Marshal for Toronto’s Pride 2010 parade, along with her business partner Todd Klinck, at that time, receiving the theme award that year “You Belong” at the annual awards banquet.  She is an active supporter of AIDS Committee of Toronto and many other local charities and fundraisers, hosting and producing an annual fundraiser “Where’s the Love?”,  which has raised more than $15,000 to date.  She is a vocal advocate for the decriminalization of sex work.   She has been living as a trans woman for over fifteen years.  

Her comedic monologues have become a staple in the underground Toronto sex scene, and in Canadian comedy clubs, search youtube for some video clips of her work.  She also had billed herself as “the World’s First Shemale Spanking Star”, and is listed as Mandy Goodhandy on the worlds biggest adult video site, as a Adult Movie Star and Director (when the label of Shemale was almost acceptable online), and has starred in and directed a few video titles including:  Hanky Panky gets Spanky Spanky“, “Bad Boys in her Club and Mandy Goodhandy Spanks 100 Boys nominated for an International Feminist Porn Award in 2014

She appeared on the Showcase television series KinK season two as a sub-story with her business partner Todd Klinck, under her aka   She also in the Genie Award nominated feature film Sugar as herself.  She has also just released her first graphic novel “The Adventures of Little Annie Tranny” a comic written by her, with illustrations by acclaimed playwright John Herbert (Fortune in Men’s Eyes).    

She was groundbreaking as the first trans person to refuse to participate in the Canadian census, claiming she would not participate in any survey, government run or otherwise, that did not include or recognize trans people.  She also organized the very first North American trans woman beauty pageant named “Miss Shemale World”, a one time only event, held in Toronto Canada.  The purpose of the pageant was to bring attention to the fact that trans women existed and needed to be recognized.  She decided to go the beauty pageant route, as a way to attract media attention towards this goal, and succeeded.

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